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He,everyone This is goingto be one of the best pokemon information sites where you can find all info over pokemon and characters.Enoy

Sorry i don't have much but this is my first wiki and i'm still looking at everything i am working on it.


News  Edit


There is a new Pokemon game coming Pokemon - Heart Gold

                                                                        - Soul Silver

This is the new version of Pokemon Gold&Silver

Just like they did at Pokemon Red,Bleu thet became Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green.

In this version it's just like the old version Gold&Silver:

- You start at the Same Town

- Same starter Pokemon

- Same Gym leaders

- Etc.


- When you choose a starter pokemon they will follow you just like in Pokemon Yellow (don't know yet why)

- As far as i know only in Japan, when you buy pokemon Heart Gol or Soul Silver you get a little pokeball with it.

its a kind of mini-game thing becuase when you walk with it the game walks with you and when you look at the screen.

You can even look walk into pokemon.

The Pokemonball is compatible with with your Ds so you if you have a pokemon in the game that you want to bring just synchro it and doen it's just like trading

More info Coming soon.

If ou have some news E-mail me and than i probably put it on the page.Thanks


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